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Don’t be SPOOKED by your label supplier this Halloween.   If you want SCARILY good labels delivered in industry beating lead times and backed by our FRIGHTENINGLY efficient customer service WITCHES and WIZARDS,

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The next generation of barcodes is here, and they will revolutionise retail as we know it.   There has always been a desire to provide customers and end users with more and more

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Mercian Labels are delighted to have been recognised as winners of the Investment Project of the Year category at this year’s UK Packaging Awards which represent the very pinnacle of industry excellence. Our

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With the ever increasing move toward digitally reliant businesses, ensuring the security of commercially sensitive and operationally critical information has become paramount for organisations of all sizes and across all sectors, which is

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Choosing Mercian Labels as your supplier of #SelfAdhesiveLabels is not only a business decision, it can also be an environmental commitment.   As part of our aim to improve #Sustainability and contribute to

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Mercian Labels have been recognised as one of the World’s leading self-adhesive label manufacturers after clinching top honours at the Label Industry Global Awards 2023 held in Brussels.   Our 57 strong team

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Pharmaceutical Labels are often more complex than most other types of label due to the wealth of regulatory and safety information which must be included on them, in addition to the manufacturer’s branding

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Following two days of scrutiny and investigation, Mercian Labels were thrilled to receive the highest ‘AA+’ rating achievable for an unannounced BRCGS audit yesterday, evidencing our commitment to food safety and quality. The

Mercian Labels are delighted to have been declared as Winners in the Innovation category at the Digital Labels & Packaging Awards 2023 for our ‘Lights Out’ Automation, which revolutionises the way we produce

In turbulent economic times, the old adage of ‘First Impressions’ count is just as important today as it has always been, which is why we work in partnership with our clients to ensure