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Mercian Zero is our commitment as a business to focus on our environmental impact and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The concept of sustainability is of growing importance to consumers, and there is a pressing need to create environmentally friendly products. How is Mercian Zero different and able to adopt a sustainable approach, that positively impacts on the environment?

> Substrates – Our Industry First ‘Wood Film’ substrate offers a sustainable and fully renewable alternative that performs as well as its plastic counterparts.

> No Solvents – Our digital processes do not use solvents, unlike some other print methods

> Zero to Landfill – all of our waste is converted to energy

> De-inking – our digitally printed labels are fully de-inkable during recycling, unlike suppliers using liquid toner

> Sustainable paper supplies – our self-adhesive paper labels are produced from recycled paper or from sustainable forests

> We specify recyclable plastics as a preference – such as Polypropylene for our synthetic labels. 

> We segregate waste on-site.

> Our digital toners are FDA food safe

> We use an ERP system designed to monitor any waste and minimise our environmental impact

> We are happy to advise on the correct combinations of materials to maximise product recyclability

> We are independently accredited and audited to ISO 14001

To find out how we can help you meet your Sustainability Goals, simply ask your Business Development Manager for further information. Or call our fantastic Customer Service team on 01543 431070.