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Did you know that our LabelLock™ range of tamper evident security labels is
exported all over the world? We have distributors in over 50 countries
worldwide, actively educating a huge range of industries and sectors in the use
of these highly innovative and effective tamper evident labels.

Although we can supply LabelLock™ directly from our warehouse stocks, we also produce bespoke designs to order for a worldwide customer base of users including airlines, logistics and chemicals businesses, police, government departments and vehicle manufacturers to name just a few.

LabelLock™ tamper evident security labels come in 3 main variants: 

  • ‘LabelLock™ No Residue Labels’ – these labels reveal an irreversible ‘opened’ message upon removal, but the message appears on the label only. Ideal for aviation, vehicles, furniture, computers, cabinets and other items that are continually used.
  • ‘LabelLock™ Dual Layer Labels’ – will leave a permanent and irreversible ‘opened’ message on both the label and the surface it is applied to. Ideal for single use items such as documents, envelopes, forensics, boxes and packaging.
  • ‘LabelLock™ Tape’ – works as ‘Dual Layer’ but comes in a tape format, so long strips can be easily applied to secure boxes and packaging.

LabelLock™ is the premium global brand of tamper evident security labels, and the only one to have attained the ISO17712 accreditation for tamper evident seals.

You can read more about the range on the LabelLock™ website
at www.labellock.com

In addition, we can also source and print a wide variety of
other security solutions, such as ultra-destruct materials, UV and DNA
taggants, and asset labels, designed to mark assets with a unique barcode and
number and deny transfer across assets.

Our customers often prefer to use us as a ‘one stop’
security shop, so in addition to labels, we also supply a wide range of tamper
evident envelopes and bags, as well as metal and plastic seals at very competitive prices.


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