Premium embellishments

Whether your customers are buying your products online or pushing a trolley down the aisle, their eye will inevitably be drawn to the product by the label and packaging.

GoldEmbellishments k

How many times have you decided to try a new bottle of wine or beer, or cleaning product, pet food or engine oil without actually having tested or tasted what is inside the container?

We all have…and we all have been seduced by an attractive label, usually one that adds a premium embellishment and premium look to the package.

Upgrading your labels can really help you to attract new customers who may have previously overlooked your brand for a more eye-catching competitor.

If a business is failing, generally a good strategy for rejuvenation is rebranding. This happens all the time, because fashions change, new competitive products come into the market, and new labelling techniques become available that become drivers in the race to stay ahead.

We are constantly advising customers who are seeking to increase their sales, and we can employ a whole range of aesthetic ‘tricks’ to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Metallic substrates

Metallic substrates have become popular and demand is quickly growing. A silver paper can be overprinted with yellow for example, to produce a shiny gold effect. squ wine 2

Metallic papers are generally less expensive than film, but are less durable. 

Products that are likely to encounter moisture, friction or abrasion are better suited to metallic films (e.g. silver polypropylene). These are also shinier than papers, so often benefit from a ‘higher end’ look.

Metallic foils

Metallic foils can also be used in areas where a very bright, shiny effect is used to catch the eye.
squ wine 2
One of our gin-producing customers has created a stunning ‘electric’ blue effect on their label by printing a flexo blue on top of a silver cold foil. According to them, subsequently sales have ‘rocketed’.

Spot varnishes

‘Spot’ varnishes or colours can be employed to draw attention to specific areas of a label.

Spot Varnish10

Matt varnishes

Matt varnishes, matt effect materials and layered paper materials are becoming increasingly popular in the race to create a distinct differentiation in the market place. These techniques are used in all sorts of areas, from juices and beers to health and cosmetic products.

Matt varnish

Tactile varnishes and colours

Tactile varnishes and colours can be used to great effect, with a significantly raised area giving a third dimension to the design.

Raised ‘droplets’ of liquid create a cooling effect on beverage labels for example. 

Braille, or tactile ‘warning’ triangles are also used on pharmaceutical products or e-liquid labels that contain hazardous chemicals such as nicotine. 

A raised company logo or design can also draw attention to a brand and help cement its identity in the mind of the consumer.


Clear labels

squ food 10Clear labels are another popular choice as they can blend into all kinds of packaging creating a ‘no label’ look.

When applied to clear packaging (clear-on-clear), they can showcase a product’s contents, and are often seen in food, beverage and cosmetic or beauty products. They are often coupled with bold colours or metallic foil designs to create a premium appearance. Colours will stand out even further when given a white opaque backing.

Mix them up! Creative use of premium embellishments is the perfect way to differentiate between your products and your competition. To see an example of this, the next time you are in the premium spirits aisle of a supermarket, take a look to see what can be achieved when the competition heats up!