Mercian Gold

It’s not just a label 

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Mercian Gold – the transformational premium range of labelling technologies are designed to enhance your products and create distinctive sales advantages that will set you apart from the competition. This consists of premium added value label techniques such as:

Bottle highlighting how a metallic silver cold foil really lifts the blue colour printed on top of it

Metallic Foils

Using a metallic paper or film will lift your labels and give them an added value appearance.

One of our gin-producing customers has created a stunning ‘electric’ blue effect on their label by printing a flexo blue on top of a silver cold foil. According to them, subsequently sales have ‘rocketed’.

Metallic Substrates

Metallic substrates have become popular recently and are quickly growing. A silver paper can be overprinted with yellow for example, to produce a shiny gold effect.

Metallic papers are generally less expensive then film, but are less durable. Products that are likely to encounter moisture, friction or abrasion are better suited to metallic films (e.g. silver polypropylene). These are also shinier than papers, so often benefit from a ‘higher end’ look.

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Bottle showing selective screenprinting of certain areas of the label


The use of screenprint allows heavy coats of ink or varnish to be applied to labels, to allow a stunning weight effect and build to a specific area of the label.

Tactile varnishes and colours

Tactile varnishes and colours can be used to great effect, with a significantly raised area giving a third dimension to the design.

Raised ‘droplets’ of liquid to create a cooling effect on beverage labels for example. Braille, or tactile ‘warning’ triangles are also used on pharmaceutical products or e-liquid labels that contain hazardous chemicals such as nicotine. A raised company logo or design can help to draw attention to a brand and help cement its identity in the mind of the consumer.

Bottle with tactile 'sandpaper' varnish on label
Bottle with clear label showcasing product contents

Clear labels

Blending into all kinds of packaging creating a ‘no label’ look.

When applied to clear packaging (clear-on-clear), they can showcase a product’s contents. Often coupled with bold colours or metallic foil designs to create a premium appearance.