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How can I use product labelling to add more appeal to my brand?

As a business, you tailor all your efforts to creating a lucrative product and designing a brand, the next step is to attract the consumers’ attention with shelf appeal.

Labelling and packaging is part of your brand’s essence and is a necessity as it adds to the overall visual appeal of your product. It acts as a key draw for your brand – creating maximum impact, so that your products stand out from the rest and are significantly more enticing for customers.

Perhaps your brand needs rejuvenating?

Refreshing your brand is an integral part of your business strategy and getting your brand image on point.  Upgrading your labels can really help you to attract new customers who may have previously overlooked your brand.

The power of labelling enables people to identify your brand and promote your product, providing essential information surrounding it. It helps to market the product allowing customers to know about the item and delivers necessary messages such as ingredients, instructions, and uses.

Competition in the food and drink industries is constantly increasing, adding pressure to designers and manufacturers to ensure quality and shelf appeal are keeping up with expectations.

By adding value to your labels, you stand a better chance of catching the attention of your customers ahead of the competition. It also adds distinctiveness and appeal for a brand, especially for those on a shelf. This significantly differentiates your brand in a cluttered marketplace.

Visually appealing packaging is essential for cementing your brand image, and Mercian Labels can help you as you decide on the best way to present your product, as well as achieving the look you want. The purpose of effective labelling and packaging is to exaggerate the product and impulse the potential customer to purchase it, by arousing interest in the mind of a customer towards a product through an attractively designed label.

At Mercian Labels we can help you achieve this in a variety of ways:

– Premium Embellishments, vital for crafting a premium look to the package to seduce your customers

– Pre-Press and Colour Management – the colours you choose will help to define your brand and impact the design’s appeal

– Our Print Technologies employ both Flexographic and digital platforms. We use only the latest digital label presses designed for label printing to bring you the best in consistency and quality.

– We manufacture Gammatex and Label Lock range of security labels. Our Variable Barcode labels also help to deliver the highest quality label materials, inks and finishes.

Ultimately a strong label differentiates your brand in a sea of competitors, giving you more control over the image you are portraying, plus you will increase the likelihood of appealing to a niche target audience. Whatever market you’re in we service it, whatever goals you have for your products, our labels, our passion and experience will help you achieve them.