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Clever and quirky use of packaging and its effects on consumer behaviour

17th September 2019 Hugo Gell 0 Comments

Here at Mercian Labels we pride ourselves on being the labelling specialists, but what really is the secret behind creating inspirational packaging and catching the eyes of customers? This is vital for standing out from the competition and clearly communicating brand messages.

Packaging is a pervasive element of modern consumption that provides a wide range of functionalities and consumer benefits. Mapping consumers’ attitudes towards packaging and labelling of products is an integral element of building your brand image.

 The role of packaging on purchasing decisions

If you think about the last thing that you bought, really think, why did you buy it? Did you buy it because it was something that you truly needed or because you liked the sound and look of it? Realistically, you probably bought it because something about the label or packaging caught your eye and was more visually arresting. This is because when choosing between two products that are designed to do the same thing, you usually choose a particular one based on the way it looks or the colours employed, and clever, innovative packaging designs.

Good packaging equals quality product

First impressions matter – your product’s packaging and labelling is as important as the product itself, giving a taster of the kind of product they are going to receive. Take for instance sleek and classy or luxurious packaging, this can seriously add value to your brand, giving a premium look to the product and delivering positive connotations of prestige and elegance.

Packaging is a major selling point and use of tacky packaging will represent the product in a negative light – the customer is unlikely to perceive the product positively. Great products can have ugly packaging, but if the customer is unfamiliar with the product a key factor influencing their purchase decision will be how well the product is presented.

Smart packaging design concepts

Clever packaging is key for conveying your brand message and is more likely to entice a consumer. The following “smart hair mask” wanted to clearly depict to its audience that their hair mask acted like a protective cap to nurture and care for your hair, what better way to show this than by popping a cap on its product?

The power of sustainable packaging


The concept of sustainability is of growing importance to consumers and more companies are adopting a sustainable approach (check out our Mercian Zero page here to find out how we focus on our environmental impact). Customers are becoming important actors in the trend towards more sustainable packaging that is an environmentally friendly product, and now more brands want to make such messaging clear.

Recently, companies have begun to take a more sustainable approach to packaging and often sustainability of packaging is a very valuable selling point of a product, as people are more conscious of their impact on the environment. For instance, the brand Scanwood tailored their packaging to communicate the environmentally friendly element of their products and the processes carried out, to create their products incorporating natural materials. The execution of such messaging through interesting use of packaging helped to enhance the beauty of the wood.


Playful packaging to inspire your consumers

Effective, interesting packaging design will stand out on the shelf and be more likely to attract the intended audience. This quirky “fruitylicious” packaging may not immediately convey what the product is about, but the vibrant colours are more likely catch the eyes of kids – who are the target market.

Empowering choice of colours

Particular colours are also often seen as more attractive and can trigger people to buy certain products. For instance, the colour white is often used in packaging to present cleanliness, efficiency and simplicity.

However, without a unique label and a certain design flare added to the packaging, the product can be deemed as basic and un-adventurous. When white is paired with black it can create added value, exuding sophistication and prestige. The choice of packaging colours is vital as they can completely alter the target audience’s perception of the brand and its desired response.

Do you want to better engage your consumers, via clever use of packaging and labelling? This could be the trick for cementing your brand image and attracting a wider consumer base. Get in touch with Mercian Labels today for more information, we are happy to help!