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A picture looking end on at a sawn through tree trunk with sap oozing from it, with the words 'ISCC certified WoodFilm® label material. Responsibly made from sustainable and renewable wood-based oils, producing significantly lower Green House Gas emissions' overlaid on it

The benefits of choosing WoodFilm® renewable and sustainable labels

With increasing competition for the consumer pound, it’s essential for companies of all sizes to consider not only the quality of their products, but also their environmental impact.


In a world where sustainability is no longer a trend but increasingly becoming a necessity, every aspect of operations, including the labels, must be scrutinised, which is why more brand owners and product manufacturers are choosing WoodFilm® as their label substrate. Enabling them to make a positive environmental statement without compromising on print quality or label performance.


Developed by the paper mills of Scandinavia, WoodFilm® offers a number of benefits that resonate with businesses and their environmentally conscious consumers alike.


The first and potentially most significant of these is that the material is both renewable and sustainable, as the wood based ‘oils’ used to form the basis of either the white or clear Polyolefin WoodFilm® product, are extracted from a by-product of the wood pulp to paper manufacturing process, meaning the label substrate is not only created using non-fossil-fuel based materials, making it suitable for recycling through normal household waste streams, but it also utilises what would otherwise be a waste product.


The whole manufacturing process, from the extraction of the wood-based oils, to the finished substrate leaving our suppliers warehouse, is independently ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified, further boosting WoodFilm®’s environmental credentials; whilst the environmentally conscious production process also enables brand owners to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, as it reduces total Greenhouse Gas Emissions by up to 60%* compared to fossil-fuel based plastic alternatives; depending on whether the white or clear option is chosen.


Of course, environmental benefits aren’t the only consideration when it comes to producing labels, so manufacturers will also be pleased to hear that WoodFilm® boasts exceptional print quality and performance capabilities, with its durability and resistance to moisture making it ideal for the most demanding production and logistics handling conditions, and a perfect alternative to their traditional fossil-fuel based counterparts.


With this fantastic combination of sustainability, performance and consumer appeal, WoodFilm® is connecting manufacturers with their eco-conscious consumers on a deeper level whilst simultaneously improving their environmental credentials, making it the perfect label choice for any industry.


* Cradle-to-Gate on 1,000m2, based on ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ study in accordance with ISO 14040/44 and PAS2050 standards.