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A rectangular image with The Manufacturer Top 100 2024 Awards logo at the top left with the words ‘Top 100 Award Winner & Exemplar 2024’ written in white underneath that and a wide shot of all 100 award recipients stand on the stage with their trophies and then a larger image to the right of Jean-Michel Sintome (a white male wearing a dark blue suit and brown shoes) smiling whilst standing in front of the stage backdrop, holding his trophy with one hand and punching the air with the other.

The Manufacturer Top 100 Awards 2024

We are delighted to announce that our Operations Director, Jean-Michel Sintome, was recognised in ‘The Manufacturer Top 100 Awards 2024’ ceremony in Birmingham last night.

Not only has he been recognised, at his very first nomination, as a leader in Digital Transformation and as an Inspiring Leader but also as one of 20 Exemplars in the Top100 group; those who make a truly exceptional contribution to the manufacturing sector every day.

Jean-Michel’s manufacturing career encompasses over 25 years of hands-on and dynamic leadership in senior roles. Working across a spectrum of some of the largest companies worldwide, spanning sectors such as nuclear, oil and gas, precision engineering, smart cards, food and drink and now labels and packaging.

Following the awards ceremony Jean-Michel stated “This not only gives me great pride in what the whole Mercian Labels team have achieved so far, but also empowers me to keep pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible, driving innovation and striving for continued operational excellence in both the self-adhesive label industry and in manufacturing”.

Our congratulations also go to all of the other Top 100 Award recipients from last night, who now join the 1,000 strong award alumni who continue to be a driving force behind the UK’s increasingly advanced and dynamic manufacturing industry.

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