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Pharmaceutical Labels

15th August 2023 Mark Prior 0 Comments

Pharmaceutical Labels are often more complex than most other types of label due to the wealth of regulatory and safety information which must be included on them, in addition to the manufacturer’s branding and an eye-catching design to make the product stand out on the shelf and all within what is usually a relatively small surface area, whilst maintaining the very highest print quality to ensure clear, easy to read information and instructions.


All of this could amount to quite a challenge, but with many years’ experience of producing bespoke labels for the pharmaceutical industry, the Mercian Labels team can deliver everything required, often within very short lead times and always backed by the highest levels of customer service.


To provide the large amounts of information required on one label, many pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors prefer to use our multi-layer labels, (also known as peel and reveal labels or tri-part labels), where the top (outside) layer displays the product name and purpose, often combined with a colourful design and appropriate brand content; but more importantly with all the required regulatory and legislative information, including warning and potential side effects messages, pack size, instructions for storage, use and dosage, active and inactive ingredients and specific instructions for ‘at risk’ demographics such as pregnant women and children.


This top layer of the label can then be peeled back to reveal additional and more detailed regulatory information and usage instructions, some of which may be in different languages, making the same pack suitable for sale in different countries and regions around the world.


To help with sales in multiple languages our variable data experts can incorporate further traceability, compliance and regulatory information as well as 100% verified batch numbers, serialised barcodes and more, whilst raised ‘tactile’ print options provide warnings and other messaging for blind or partially sighted users.


If you have any questions about your pharmaceutical labels or would like to find out more about the prompt delivery of bespoke labels to suit your needs, whilst ensuring full regulatory compliance, get in touch with our expert team today.