A dark blue rectangle with a gold 55 in the top left hand corner with the words ‘Years World Class Labelling’ in white underneath it. The date (11th April 2024) at the top centre and the Mercian labels logo in the top right. With the words ‘Happy Birthday’ in a gold, handwritten font in the centre and the words ‘Celebrating a fantastic 55 years’ in white across the base.

Our 55th Birthday

11th April 2024 Mark Prior 0 Comments

Happy Birthday to the whole Mercian Labels team!


Today (11th April) we are celebrating our 55th birthday!

Where does the time go?


Over the past 55 years we have enjoyed a fantastic journey of growth, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do, and so we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has joined us on this journey and made Mercian Labels the success that it is today. From the founders, the amazing team(s) we have and have had along the way, to our loyal customers, supply chain partners and friends; we’ve had a blast!


Thank you all for your hard work, focus, ideas, collaboration, support and commitment, which continues to push the boundaries of what was thought possible and ensures a positive impact on our industry and beyond.


With our focus on delivering the very best for our customers every day; on continual improvement, innovation and growth; we are stronger now than we have ever been and are excited to see what the next 55 years will bring.


So here’s to many more years of delivering beyond our customer’s expectations, of success, growth and innovation.


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