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Label Adhesives Guide – Types

Selecting the right adhesive can be daunting & confusing to say the least. How many times has your Label Manufacturer asked you what type of adhesive you require? Where is the label going to be used and what for? Do you want permanent, removeable, high tack? All these questions and all you want is a label that sticks to something!


Unfortunately, the chemistry of a Label is far from simple. You see there is such a wide selection of adhesives and materials and it all depends on the Labels purpose. In this guide we will teach you the basic characteristics of your labels. These are known professionally as ‘Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels’, which in layman’s terms simply means a self-adhesive label that requires no solvents or heat to activate the adhesive.


There are two basic classifications of adhesives you will come across, Permanent and Removeable. Each type can be made from a variety of materials. The material you use depends on the surface being labelled, the conditions the label will be exposed to, its purpose and finally how long the label with need to remain in situ for.




Permanent adhesive is the most popular and least expensive of all. As the name suggests – to remove a permanent adhesive will often require the use of solvents and once it has been removed there is no going back as you cannot use it again.



When manufacturing labels that will come into direct contact with dry and moist non-fatty foods it is essential that strict processes are adhered to and a food safe adhesive is used throughout



This type of adhesive is particularly useful when labelling a product where the label will later be removed by the consumer and be expected to leave no residue. A product label for example or a barcode label.



This type of permanent adhesive is ideally suited to labels being applied to rough, difficult, dirty surfaces such as vehicle tyres or corroded metal.



Specialist adhesives for extreme temperatures and specific applications or requirements are also available, for example: waterproof, dissolvable, pharmaceutical, vegan, freezer proof, high temperatures and many more.


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