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Variable Data Barcode Labels


20th September 2021 Mark Prior 0 Comments

Variable Data labels contain individual pieces of data and are widely used to identify and authenticate products, track raw materials and finished goods, provide consumers with additional information and promotions, and so much more.

Variable Data labels are available in many different formats, from Barcodes, 2D codes, 3D codes and QR codes to alphanumeric codes and sequential numbering depending on the purpose of the label.

We have a wide range of variable data applications from across multiple industry sectors. Here’s a selection of the applications used by our Customers to get you started and hopefully get you thinking about how we could enhance your business.


Product protection and tamper-evident security:

Product labels, security labels and security seals are used to protect branded products and incorporate a barcode, QR code or symbol to help guarantee their authenticity. Our LabelLock™ branded products go a step further – allowing the brand owners to customise the ‘void’ messaging, adding yet another level of security.



Tracking blood and other medical samples:

Throughout the NHS and wider medical profession, automated machines are used at variable stages of the process to scan barcodes and QR codes to ensure that

Tracking and authenticating medicines:

Often referred to as LPN labels (Licence Plate Number), each has its own variable print barcode applied to a reusable container to track it through the supply chain. Mercian Labels are able to design these for single and multiple use, depending on your specific requirements.



Tracking parcels through a distribution hub:

Logistic tracking labels, sequentially numbered or with a unique barcode/QR code, are applied at the point of entry, enabling efficient movement of parcels through the hub.

Identify stock location:

Also referred to as PL labels (Pallet Location), these are used for identifying pallet areas and stock and racking locations. Mercian Labels are able to design these for single and multiple use, depending on the environment and your requirements.

Return labels:

This application came into its own during the COVID 19 lockdowns – with the vast majority of retail outlets closed, many turned to E-Commerce, but in doing so, it created a new logistical nightmare for them.

Mercian Labels manufactures ‘Returns Labels’ so its retail customers can send out a unique, pre-approved barcoded returns label with every order, making the returns process so much easier to manage and administer.



On pack promotions:

Our Peel and Reveal labels are attached to consumer packs to encourage customer engagement and interaction. They are manufactured in a way that incorporates a hidden barcode/QR code that, when scanned, links through to a promotional website or unique discount offer.

On pack variable messages:

Mercian Labels variable data labels can be used to create a branded ‘personalised experience’. Using dynamic content and variable data fields, a brand could personalise products with customers names, different recipes, unique discount codes, and so much more.