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Background image of grassy area with trees in the background overlaid with text highlighting the environmental benefits of using Mercian Labels and a call to action to discuss how Mercian Labels can help clients deliver on their environmental commitments.

Choosing the right label supplier to deliver on your environmental commitments

4th October 2023 Mark Prior 0 Comments

Choosing Mercian Labels as your supplier of #SelfAdhesiveLabels is not only a business decision, it can also be an environmental commitment.


As part of our aim to improve #Sustainability and contribute to the solution to the climate crisis, we have already invested in, committed to and offer our clients a number of different ways to minimise their impact on the environment, including:


  1. Investing in the very latest production technologies which not only use less electricity, but also reduce the time taken to produce the same labels.
  2. The electricity we do use is boosted by our recently installed solar panels, capable of producing up to 20% of our needs.
  3. Offering planet friendly ‘Forest Film’ substrates made from wood pulp rather than fossil fuels.
  4. We can adjust label specifications to make them easier to recycle, and even produce dissolvable labels.
  5. Offering label substrates with 30-90% post-consumer waste recycled content.
  6. Our site sends Zero to Landfill
  7. Offering one of the UK’s first label liner recycling schemes which has already collected more than 30 tonnes of label liner for recycling.
  8. Planting over 400 trees to create a new local woodland, helping to improve air quality within our community.


And of course, our whole business is independently audited to the ISO14001 standard, where during their last visit, the auditor found zero non-conformances and zero opportunities for improvement.


So, if you would like your supplier to become part of your environmental commitments, let’s work together to deliver a more sustainable future.

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