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11th February 2021 Mark Prior 0 Comments

As of March, 1st 2021, any UK seller offering hygiene and topical products through Amazon’s FBA programme will be required to use a suitable ‘Factory Seal’ on their packaging.

According to Amazon’s seller guidelines, this is being introduced to demonstrate that the items purchased are brand new and in pristine condition, resulting in the customer having complete confidence in the product and the integrity of the packaging.

The criteria set out by Amazon UK for a ‘suitable factory seal’ are as follows:

• They are opaque with the company logo/any logo that cannot be replicated by the customer.
• The seal leaves a sign of tampering on the product when broken.
• They should be of a different colour and should not blend in with the surface of the product.
• The seal should be sturdy, and the only way to break it is with clear intent (no accidental breaking e.g., during transportation or usual packaging handling). The seal cannot be manipulated or copied.

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What are Hygienic and Topical products?

• Hygienic products are those that are used on a human body, including sensitive areas (e.g., mouth, eyes, genital area), and could be returned with residual substances on them (e.g., saliva, hair). Examples include shavers, oral care products like toothbrushes, skin & nail care sets, massaging devices and sex toys.

• Topical products are those that are applied to the body, e.g., creams, foams, gels, lotions, and ointments intended to use on body surfaces such as the skin, scalp, or the mouth.

Non-compliance of these new requirements will result in each individual item being tagged as an ‘unsellable/returned product’ which in turn would then need to be disposed of or a fee paid to Amazon for its safe return to the Seller.

Amazon recommends that Industry best practice is followed, which means using a tamper evident material that leaves behind a tamper message with your own unique message and branding on it.

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The Dual Layer Label Lock™ label is exactly that – industry best practice. It’s a permanent label, meaning that if someone attempts to remove it, the two layers of the label will separate, leaving a totally transferred dry peel and CUSTOMISEABLE tamper message on the application surface as well as on the removed Label Lock™ label. The tamper message itself is unique to LabelLock because it’s In-Register, meaning that it can’t be copied using standard ‘void’ materials, which have a ‘wallpaper’ type pattern tamper message.

This type of label provides an excellent visual deterrent and an extra level of security to protect your Brand. By customising the security message as well as the surface design you reinforce your Brand identity and avoid the ‘void’. Having your own personal message and makes it even more difficult for someone to replicate and reproduce, leaving your products safely sealed and secured.

labellock dual layer

Label Lock’s security range is resistant to heat, water, and chemicals, and can be customised to secure even the most unusual hygiene and topical product packaging. So, for any brands in need of a security seal to meet Amazon’s latest FBA packaging requirements…

Don’t ignore it! LABELLOCK™ IT!

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