The numbers 1000 shown on a flip over chart with each number being in white on a light orange background with the words ‘Celebrating’ above it and ‘Safe Days’ below it, whilst to the right hand side is a picture of a group of people stood around the outside of a reception area all clapping and below that is an image of a frosted cup cake with an edible icing top to it with the Mercian Labels logo and the words ‘CELEBRATING 1,000 Safe Days’ printed on it.

1000 Safe Days

We are delighted to announce that Mercian Labels has once again reached the milestone of 1,000 ‘Safe Days’ without any time lost through accidents or injuries. That equates to over 259,000 working hours – a truly fantastic achievement in such a fast-paced and dynamic manufacturing environment.

Our success in maintaining a safe workplace is testament to the unwavering efforts of every one of our colleagues, who prioritise safety every day. From our focus on Health and Safety training, through our Health & Safety committee made up of members from all departments, to our recognition systems for identifying unsafe conditions, our team are relentless in their efforts to make sure everyone goes home safe.

To celebrate the occasion, we all came together to highlight and recognise this wonderful milestone with a lunch and bespoke cupcakes.

#1000SafeDays #HealthAndSafety #SafetyFirst #EveryoneHomeSafe